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Bluhen Salon is a new professional beauty salon in Coban A.V. Guatemala. This brand aimed to position Bluhen Salon as their region’s new upper-coming beauty salon. They provide beauty care, makeup, haircuts and spa services.

The objectives of this project are to create a unique visual identity and set Bluhen Salon apart from the competition. Build brand awareness across social media, and drive traffic to the website. Lastly, create a beautiful and engaging website that would contribute to establishing the brand and generating leads. 

Brand awareness, Web develpment and web design

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a big part of establishing a business. A one-page website is more than enough; it would give you a presence on Google, Bing and other browsers. Also, it would help you generate more leads and make your business more visible from the rest. 

We crafted a guide for social media with an easy-to-use branded template that allows our clients to create social media graphics following their branding guides. These templates give the publications an elevated look and a professional feel to build more awareness on social networks.



Visual Identity

To position a brand first, we need to know our target audience’s needs, what they like, what they are looking for, and why they would choose us. We answered these questions by doing market research and following user-centered design process.

By getting under the skin of our target audience through our research, we could find the answers we were looking for and put together a modern, vibrant and feminine visual identity that could set Bluhen Salon apart. 

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